Compañía de Miami construirá hospital de Pacasmayo

Miami-based IBT won a $23 million contract to build a hospital in Peru.

IBT expects to finish construction of the 97,400-square-foot hospital and open it in 18 months.

The Miami-based company will build the hospital in Pacasmayo, a seaside city in Peru. Pacasmayo is located in Peru’s La Libertad region, which has a population of 48,000.

The Pacasmayo Hospital will be built with steel-reinforced concrete and other earthquake-resistant materials.

Services available at the hospital will include emergency care, ultrasound procedures, deliveries, laboratory analysis, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, sales of pharmacy products and sterilization.

The National Program of Investments in Health, a department of the Ministry of Health in Peru, awarded the $23 million contract to IBT after soliciting bids.

The Miami-based company has an eight-year history of building hospitals in Peru. IBT is the main shareholder of companies that operate three Peruvian hospitals. – Mike Seemuth


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  1. jose Galarreta Diaz says:

    Sera una buena construccion, en el tiempo justo, y no como cualquier compañia nacional que lo haria en 5 años, y cobrando 3 o 4 veces mas que el costo real. Bien por la compañia IBT.

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